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Hafnium Diboride

Hafnium Diboride Hafnium Diboride (or Hafnium Boride) is a unique high-temperature ceramic material with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Hafnium diboride is generally immediately available in most volumes. Ultra high purity and high purity compositions improve both optical quality and usefulness as scientific standards.
Product name:Hafnium Diboride
Molecular formula:HFB2
molecular weight:200.11
CAS No.:12007-23-7
density:11.212 g/cm3
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Hafnium Diboride introduce:

Hafnium Diboride introduce:

Product features of Hafnium diboride powder: 

Hafnium diboride powder  Density‎: ‎10.5 g/cm3

 Hafnium diboride powder  Chemical formula‎: ‎HfB2

Product description for Hafnium diboride powder dispersion:

Hafnium diboride is chemically stable. Almost no reaction with all chemicals at room temperature (except HF).

Hafnium diboride with high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity and low bulk density make it the best choice for you to develop and produce high value-added innovative products.

Hafnium diboride COA:

Item Chemical Composition(%)
Particle Size
B Hf P S Si Fe C 325mesh

10.8 Bal. 0.03 0.002 0.09 0.2 0.01

Applications of Hafnium diboride powder: 

Hafnium diboride is a gray-black metallic luster crystal whose crystal structure belongs to the hexagonal system. As an excellent ultra-high temperature ceramic material, hafnium diboride (HfB2) has a high melting point (3380 ℃), it is often used in the anti-ablation material in high-temperature oxidation environment and has the characteristics of high hardness, high modulus, high thermal conductivity and high conductivity. It is widely used in wear-resistant coatings, refractory materials, Cutting tools and aerospace thermal protection systems and other fields.

Packaging of Hafnium diboride powder: 

The PE film lined the metal barrel. Net wt: 30kg/barrel, or follow customer's packing instructions.

Q: May I take some samples to test before placing the order ?

A: Yes, but customers need to pay for delivery cost, and it will be returned when next order is confirmed.

Q: How long can you offer the samples?

A: 1~7  days after the deposit payment confirmed

Q: What's your payment terms for sample?

A: You can pay via T/T , L/C and so on.

Q: What’s the business terms can you offer for us?

A: We can accept EXW, FOB, CIF and so on.

Q: Where is your main market for your products?

A: Most of our products are exported to Asia,USA,European,Mid-east

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Hot Tags: Hafnium Diboride, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, Customized